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This study has been extracted from a longer paper submitted for the 8th Space Syntax Symposium that took place in Chile during January 2012 ( It uses Space Syntax analysis to study a range of issues concerning slums, using examples in the Indian city of Agra and the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. 

1.0 Introduction

This paper aims to help further develop the spatial understanding of slums and informal settlements. The foundations of this paper lie in the unplanned settlements ofJeddah,Saudi Arabia, where the development of strategies to improve more than 50 unplanned settlements has formed a major component of Space Syntax Limited’s work of the past five years. In late 2010, an opportunity arose to studyAgra, and some of its 350+ slums. This study was carried out remotely to contribute to the work of students in the Architecture of Rapid Growth and Scarce Resource (ARGSR) studio at the London Metropolitan University (LMU), who were based inAgrafor a period of time. This enabled work to be carried out initially to test whether there are consistencies in the spatial properties of each city’s slums.

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